trouble in the old republic

the PCs come together! (mostly)

the PCs on scene: Shualk; Trangle; Tavo; and LR-77, along with Jergo the Hutt, and his 2 gamorean bodyguards encounter a sith lander, with 4 sith troopers and a commander with a light repeating blaster.

in a very hard pressed fight, the gamoreans a killed, and the PCs barely win the day. they get inside the crashed cargo ship the Jade Eagle and jury-rig it to get them outta there. inside the ship is an unconscious nautolan, who is in a coma.

they are given coordiantes out in the dessert, they find a hidden base, buried underground.
after clearing it out of dessert rats, they are told it can serve as a base for them. but the rats have eaten the food, and destroyed some other parts. they also need a comm scambler, a new hyperdrive engine, and some kolto for the medbay.

after about a week, they head out to Dragg’s landing for the supplies. they discover it is occupied by sith. waiting all day till the middle of the night, they count 20 sith in 2 shifts. they attact 6 sith to their position in 2 waves, defeating both.

then the go in for an attack, where they encounter the electrified shield/fence around the town, along with 4 troopers and 2 commandos.

after they defeat the sith, they get info from the local cantina, then get the supplies they need, along with 2 passangers, a zabrak mechanic named Flak Torn, and human shop owner named Ban.

they return to base to find the nautolan has regained consciousness.



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