trouble in the old republic

shaulk's opening

jedi padawan Shaulk and his master Si-Lan are aboard the republic blockade runner Stormy Seas, over the planet Gaan. Master Si-Lan felts a calling in the force, and hitched a ride to come investigate with his padawan. when they feel a sudden ripple, they are not surprised when a sith centurion class battlecruiser suddenly exits hyperpace. they launch fighters, boarding craft, and landing craft.

the jedi tell the captain to leave as soon as they are off ship, and split up to help repel the boarding squads.

in a shuttle hold, Shualk encounters a large squad of sith troopers. backed up by a squad of repulic commandos, he eventually defeats them by dropping a starfighter on most of them.

he meets up with his master, and take an escape pod. they are both blown off course by the explosion of the Stormy Seas

Shaulk crash lands outside a cave entrance.



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