trouble in the old republic

rieen's opening

the nautolan scoundrel rieen is on gaan looking for work! he is in a cantina in mos tresspa interviewing with a human pilot to be his copilot. when the cantina is attacked by the sith, he takes cover and hides while the denizens are killed. he then sneaked out, making his way to the spaceport, where he takes out two sith. he steals a ship called the jade eagle, and is promptly shot down!

he comes to some time later in a medical bay, with a hutt not too far away. when the rest of the pcs show up and tells him what been going on, he agrees to help. they then repair the ship, and install the com scrambler. they pick up some chatter about a squad of mandalorians that have been captured and are being forced to work in the mines. meanwhile, shaulk senses his master in the force.

they try to leave to find shaulks master, but are shot down by the sith battlecruiser that is over head. after hiding the ship, they set out using the speeders.

a day into there trip, they are attacked by some sand people riding speeders of their own. in the battle, their speeders are damaged. taking refuge in a cave, they set to repairing. but first fight a pack of whomp rats.



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