trouble in the old republic

LR-77's opening

A prototype battledroid that never saw production, on display in Jergo the Hutts palace. as Trangle and Tavo make their escape, they knock over this droid to slow the sith down. this activates LR-77, who, after booting up, wonders where he is!

the sith encounter a dead end, unable to find the hidden door used for escape by Jergo, all leave but 2, who want to look around, and mess with the droid they saw.

LR-77, whose self-preservation subroutines activate, attacks the sith that tries to pry open his control panel. he kills the sith, and the has to kill the other who came looking for the other.

stumbling about, LR-77 finds the hidden door, and follows in the others tracks, arriving in time to see a cargo ship crash land, and a sith lander arrive.



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