trouble in the old republic

shaulk's opening

jedi padawan Shaulk and his master Si-Lan are aboard the republic blockade runner Stormy Seas, over the planet Gaan. Master Si-Lan felts a calling in the force, and hitched a ride to come investigate with his padawan. when they feel a sudden ripple, they are not surprised when a sith centurion class battlecruiser suddenly exits hyperpace. they launch fighters, boarding craft, and landing craft.

the jedi tell the captain to leave as soon as they are off ship, and split up to help repel the boarding squads.

in a shuttle hold, Shualk encounters a large squad of sith troopers. backed up by a squad of repulic commandos, he eventually defeats them by dropping a starfighter on most of them.

he meets up with his master, and take an escape pod. they are both blown off course by the explosion of the Stormy Seas

Shaulk crash lands outside a cave entrance.

the caves the thing

while LR-77 stays behind, the rest move further into the cave, fighting more whomp rats, and a queen in a worked room, with a door leading out. this door leads to a cliff face overlooking a tribe of sandpeople.

choosing to leave the sandpeople alone, they finish repairs and move on. it takes two days, but they come to a large mesa with a cave enterence. shualk can faintly sense his master, but its thru a haze, as if there is interference. and the cave emanates the dark side, an overbearing sense of darkness and evil…

rieen's opening

the nautolan scoundrel rieen is on gaan looking for work! he is in a cantina in mos tresspa interviewing with a human pilot to be his copilot. when the cantina is attacked by the sith, he takes cover and hides while the denizens are killed. he then sneaked out, making his way to the spaceport, where he takes out two sith. he steals a ship called the jade eagle, and is promptly shot down!

he comes to some time later in a medical bay, with a hutt not too far away. when the rest of the pcs show up and tells him what been going on, he agrees to help. they then repair the ship, and install the com scrambler. they pick up some chatter about a squad of mandalorians that have been captured and are being forced to work in the mines. meanwhile, shaulk senses his master in the force.

they try to leave to find shaulks master, but are shot down by the sith battlecruiser that is over head. after hiding the ship, they set out using the speeders.

a day into there trip, they are attacked by some sand people riding speeders of their own. in the battle, their speeders are damaged. taking refuge in a cave, they set to repairing. but first fight a pack of whomp rats.

the PCs come together! (mostly)

the PCs on scene: Shualk; Trangle; Tavo; and LR-77, along with Jergo the Hutt, and his 2 gamorean bodyguards encounter a sith lander, with 4 sith troopers and a commander with a light repeating blaster.

in a very hard pressed fight, the gamoreans a killed, and the PCs barely win the day. they get inside the crashed cargo ship the Jade Eagle and jury-rig it to get them outta there. inside the ship is an unconscious nautolan, who is in a coma.

they are given coordiantes out in the dessert, they find a hidden base, buried underground.
after clearing it out of dessert rats, they are told it can serve as a base for them. but the rats have eaten the food, and destroyed some other parts. they also need a comm scambler, a new hyperdrive engine, and some kolto for the medbay.

after about a week, they head out to Dragg’s landing for the supplies. they discover it is occupied by sith. waiting all day till the middle of the night, they count 20 sith in 2 shifts. they attact 6 sith to their position in 2 waves, defeating both.

then the go in for an attack, where they encounter the electrified shield/fence around the town, along with 4 troopers and 2 commandos.

after they defeat the sith, they get info from the local cantina, then get the supplies they need, along with 2 passangers, a zabrak mechanic named Flak Torn, and human shop owner named Ban.

they return to base to find the nautolan has regained consciousness.

LR-77's opening

A prototype battledroid that never saw production, on display in Jergo the Hutts palace. as Trangle and Tavo make their escape, they knock over this droid to slow the sith down. this activates LR-77, who, after booting up, wonders where he is!

the sith encounter a dead end, unable to find the hidden door used for escape by Jergo, all leave but 2, who want to look around, and mess with the droid they saw.

LR-77, whose self-preservation subroutines activate, attacks the sith that tries to pry open his control panel. he kills the sith, and the has to kill the other who came looking for the other.

stumbling about, LR-77 finds the hidden door, and follows in the others tracks, arriving in time to see a cargo ship crash land, and a sith lander arrive.

Trangle and Tavo's opening

Trangle, an ithorian czerka corporation diplomat and negotiator, and his miralukan, force sensitive bodyguard tavo, are assigned to secure mining rights on Gaan.

there, they smooze their way into a meeting with Jergo the Hutt. at the meeting, the place is attacked by a squad of sith troopers. Jergo’s retinue is killed, and they all escape out the back of the palace. they knock over anything they can to slow the progress the the sith troopers following them.

the exit tunnel leads through a cave, the exit in time to see an escape pod crash land.


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